Finding Your Tribe: Who Needs Friends When You Have a Trail Running Fam?

Let's face it, finding friends is hard. You have to actually interact with people, remember their names, and do things like "socialize" and "hang out." But who needs all that when you have your hillside homies, your mountain mates...your trail tribe? They're like friends, but better - they share your love of running, understand your obsession with hydration packs, and won't judge you for wearing the same sweaty clothes every day.

Okay, maybe we're exaggerating a little bit (or maybe we're not).

What Kind of Weather Runner are You: A Filthy Phoenix? Maybe a Frosty Flamingo?

Weather. It can't be escaped, no matter where you live - unless you live on the moon - but we digress. Just like the assortment of weather one could encounter while out on a run, there are an equal number of groups that runners fall into pertaining to said weather.

This runner is convinced that they have special powers to summon rain just by going for a run. You can usually spot this magical group by checking their social media posts. Look for phrases that include "You're welcome, everybody! Ju

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